First Class of A. Barry Rand Fellows Announced

I was honored to have been named a A. Barry Rand Fellow along with seven other social entrepreneurs. We aim to help Life Reimagined create new services for individuals re-imagining their life with purpose. The press release can be found here.

The fellows include:

Jackie Torres
Graduate Research Assistant
Rice University
Department of Psychology

Bryan Dik
Associate Professor of Psychology
Colorado State University

Bill Johnston
Founder & Digital Architect, Structure 3c

Brooke Ozlem Erol
Owner, Purposeful Business

Louise M. Morman
Executive Director, College of Engineering & Computing, Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute at Miami University, Ohio

Zamiul Haque
Branch Chief at National Institutes of Health, Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Lori Syverson
Founder, Rock Effect

Roberta K. Taylor
Owner, Pathmaking for Life



Learn more about Life Reimagined and AARP.